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Phen375 → “Slimming in a bottle”


  • How and why Phen375 could become your helping friend for a healthy and weak body

  • How to buy Phen375, at which price and the reasons for guaranteed results in the loss of weigh process.

  • How to contact the company, in case you have a problem


Everything you need to know, prior to buying the Phen375, is here

Problems with weight loss? ⇔ What should I do? ⇔ Phen375 is the only one to give results?

The weight loss process is characterized by two critical factors, crucial for its progress and results expected.

1. Dealing with a difficult and painful process requires self-concentration, self-discipline and self determination on the goals set.

Many times, this results in as situation where the person involved in this process is under a situation of stress, and finds self unable to cope with these conditions and so it either resigns or tries to find some easy solutions to go ahead.

2. The long-term effort to lose weight produces anxiety and a low moral which in turn affects the whole process in an n adverse way. This fact is reflected in the health of the person trying to lose weight.

The parameters mentioned above create a huge problem in this effort, with opposite effects to what is expected.

The question everyone makes is:

Should all this happen and make every person deciding to lose a few kilos, either for health reasons or for aesthetic purposes, to be subjected in such a torture?

The answer is easy and straightforward. NO.

WHAT WE REALLY NEED IN THE WEIGHT PROCESS, in order to ensure successful completion of our efforts while we have our health safeguarded along with a good physical condition?

An easy and simple procedure to produce results

Reliable help to keep our good health and so to power our efforts towards a successful result.

Real weight loss at a reasonable time

A control of the behavior of the person involved, so to avoid any results achieved to be damaged.

All this seems difficult and impossible unless …

Unless we have selected the right help we need to move safely and in a healthy way while we score good results.

Now this combination is offered by a new revolutionary supplement, the solution to weight loss with ease and without risking our health condition.

Phen375 comes as a perfect supplement to give us the right solution to all the problems mentioned above.

Let’s have a look at the action of this new Phen375, in a more specific way:

  • It releases any amount of fat stored in our body, creating the conditions to burn it up and so increasing the energy levels.
  • Improves our metabolism and helps us maintain our good physical condition
  • It produces heat through thermogenesis, thus leading the body to increased calories burning
  • By controlling the person’s behavior, reduces its appetite and greediness, ensuring that maintains a balance of the results expected through the weight loss process.

The help needed for the weight loss process is offered on all possible points and the most important, by a supplement which is 100% natural.

This is because all the ingredients that take part in its composition are totally natural, meaning that all negative effects, or side effects and adverse interventions on our health are avoided.

Its components are analyzed below.

Ingredients of Phen375

The manufacturers of this supplement have used absolutely natural ingredients, all of which have positive results on the weight loss.

One of the main ingredients, Lamda Carnitine, is a component detected in the tropical fruit peel. It has been clinically tried and tested for safe results towards user health.

It is scientifically proved for the significant weight loss it offers through avoiding the storage of excess fat.

This particular ingredient is combined with Caffeine and Coleus Forskohlii, two ingredients also known for their contribution in weight loss.

Phen375 with all these powerful ingredients working together is able to deliver the fast weight loss in a minimum of time, without endangering the health of the user.

These components listed in detail are as follows:

1. Calcium Carbonate 


Has already received very positive reviews from all doctors and health specialists about the health benefits it can offer.

One of the most important ingredients of Phen375 for the following reasons:

  • Helps the bone health due to calcium contained
  • Detects unnecessary fats in communication with somatic cells and releases them

  • Encourages the use of fat stored in cells

2. Picolinic chromium


  • Limits the sugar from the foods consumed, while at the same time limits the desire to eat carbohydrates

3. Lamda Carnitine


  • Converts fat into energy – Helps to remove the fat already developed in the body

4. Extract Citrus Aurantium (Sour Orange)


  • Known primarily for its ability to promote metabolism and enhance the movement of fat, so as to eliminate the unnecessary amount of it.

5. Caffeine


  • One of the most important and most active ingredients in supplements, promoting the burning of unnecessary fat. It also provides energy, so the persons are feeling less hungry.

6. Coleus Forskohlii


  • Natural herb, promoting (accelerating) the process of fat burning.
  • Encourages fat removal

7. Dendrobium Nobile Extract (from orchids)



  • Improves digestion, controls the appetite and prevents snacking.

8. Cayenne Pepper


Chemical compound. Helps in:

  • Activation and promotion of metabolism

  • Increase of body temperature, through thermogenesis, and burning of more calories.

  • Helps burn fat by increasing internal temperature

The supplement is designated as a plant product, because all ingredients are derived from plant or root extracts.

The manufacturer is following transparency and discloses the full list of ingredients contained in the supplement.

Important Information about Phen375

This supplement does not contain chemical or preservatives, which in many cases carry unhealthy elements.


In fact, the company has gone one step further and removed from the supplement even any artificial coloring.

The end product available to us is a 100% natural and organic product, proving to be extremely effective in assisting users during the weight loss process.


How Phen375 works

The remarkable results produced by this supplement in the weight loss process have become known.

It is true that people can be misled by mistaken criticisms and conclusions about various foods to be consumed, but there can never be a mistake in criticism and results presented by a supplement like Phen375.

It is a fact that in many cases there is an image of foods that can help people in the weight loss process, but in fact this is not the case.


This supplement works by improving the blood circulation throughout the body so that the cell functions may improve, so you are able to work without a feeling of sleepiness or excess weight in your body.

A body well shaped with no unnecessary fat is an indication of a healthy and happy life and that is what Phen375 tries to establish and finally achieves, reducing a body free of fat.

Its successful function lies in maintaining you active and with a proper mood at all times, stabilizing your metabolic levels.

Through its basic function breaks down the enzyme converting the carbohydrates into fats and which are going to be stored in your body and make you more obese.

Research has shown that the Phen375 really works with the use of various mechanisms in the human body

– Promotes metabolism – increases energy levels


– Fights mood fluctuations of the user that may be caused by this diet, being a lot different from the old days and habits. This action is considered to be extremely important as a bad mood can lead to the program’s overall failure or even to the resignation of continuing the effort.


Helps reducing the calories in your body, we could say in the same way that the physical exercise works.


– Prevents the development of additional fat – thus not increasing body weight


– Suppresses appetite – so you do not have to deal with the hunger feeling so often, or at least with the same intensity, as usually happens in your life before any weight loss effort.


The existence and implementation of a healthy nutrition or diet is necessary in this case in order to ensure the necessary conditions for better exploitation of this phenomenon.

Phen375 contains ingredients that will promote energy and keep the user active throughout the day.

This results in the balance of energy and concentration remaining constant and there is no risk of disturbing the sense of comfort you need in this process.

The existence of caffeine guarantees this situation, directly related to energy and its actual levels.

Advantages of Phen375

The weight loss process becomes much easier with the use of this supplement

A. General Advantages of the Product

  • User-friendly Take one (1) pill before your meal. The recommendation of the manufacturers is that the dosage should not exceed one pill a day.
  • No prescription required – The preparation of the supplement from plant products makes, as mentioned above, a specific herbal supplement.
  • Generous Discount on Mass Purchases – Discounts for purchases involving more than one package are given in the relevant paragraph below
  • FREE GUIDE to keep you informed on the weight loss process, its parameters, and the events you may experience at the time you are engaged with it.
  • Customer service, all over the world – Easy communication by phone, email, etc.

B. Advantages of Supplement Phen375


  • A potent and natural supplement
  • Results in a slim and well-shaped body.
  • Makes you active
  • Burns excess fat in your body
  • Helps maintain blood sugar levels
  • Maintains your general health
  • Keeps your mood at satisfactory levels
  • Helps promote your metabolism
  • Suppresses appetite and gluttony
  • Gives you the advantage of feeling more energetic

Side effects

Characterizing the supplement as a natural and universal herbal product leaves no room for any side effects.

However, people who are sensitive to caffeine use, should not use this supplement.

Because of caffeine, there is a small chance of individual cases of headache and dizziness.

It is a completely safe supplement that does not require you to change your daily schedule.

Testimonies of Phen375 users

There are a number of users who submit their testimony about the use of the supplement.

Everyone agrees that they were having a difficulty with previous weight loss attempts and were in a difficult crossroads, not knowing what to do.


The frustration and fatigue on one side and the desire to change their image on the other, created an inconceivable problem for them.

Their experience with Phen375 has proven to be unique and has led them to a safe weight loss.

Below are their testimonies.

John – 39 years old – Texas

George said bye bye to his “belly” after much time and effort

What he said to us:

“I wanted so much to get rid of this belly I have created in recent years.

My experience with Phen375 combined with a healthy diet and daily exercise has finally led me to what I have been looking for so long.

Look at the mirror more and more. I lost 12 kilos in 3 months.

Now with the desired result already visible, I will continue to use the Phen375 to maintain this level and never go back to the old one. “

Samantha – 23 years old – Chicago

Samantha lost 9 kilos

Samantha describes her own effort:

“I was struggling with my weight from a very young age. I wanted so much to see myself impossible and to be able to move freely at the beach and not to hide in secluded beaches every summer and to be ashamed of my body even in front of my friends.

Somewhere I read about Phen375 and so I started to use it, combining it with my daily exercise and a very reasonable diet.

For the first time since I remember from previous efforts, I noticed a difference and continued. I managed to lose 9 kilos after 4 months and I continue with confidence for longer loss.

Now nothing stops me”

Maureen – 35 years old – North Dakota

Maureen returned to the pounds she had before her pregnancy

Another important experience is recorded with Sophia, having put a few pounds since she brought her child to the world, was trying to get back to her old image.

“The truth is, I did not have that much time with the baby at home. So the idea of ​​using Phen375 along with a diet gave me truly miraculous results.

With this effort I managed to lose 8 kilos in total in just one month.

Now I could wear the clothes I used before pregnancy and I’m really happy. “

George – 39 years old – St. Lewis

George left his big belly behind for good

Here’s what he tells us about his journey to weight loss

“It was my secret desire and every time I saw myself in the mirror, I was wondering how I could do it. To be free of this belly that was really unattractive and at the same time created all sorts of problems to me.

Somehow, after a friend’s advice, I started the effort with the Phen375 along with a healthy diet and a simple exercise program. I could not believe it when after 3 months I had lost 12 kilos.

I will definitely continue to use Phen375 to make sure I stay in it or I will have a better effect by excluding the return to the old. “

Julia – 28 years old – New York

Julia is feeling more confident now that she lost 6 kilos

Read her revealing testimony:

“I never felt comfortable with my own clothes before I used Phen375, while losing my self-confidence and the need for social life and friends with my best friends.

This situation has led me to start a completely new program in my life with a regular exercise program, a healthy diet and of course the use of Phen375.

With this data, I managed to lose about 6 pounds in just 3 weeks, winning my lost self-confidence again, and my social life with my friends and those I liked to be friends with. “

All of them are simple people that really were tired, until they found their solution to the problem of weight with the Phen375

Our Answers to Your Questions (FAQ)


Q: Will this supplement work?

R: Yes. The Phen375 comes from a successful scientific recipe that is suitable for everyone. Controls and suppresses appetite, detects and burns stored fat, providing you with more energy promotes the metabolism and at the same time takes care of your health. A perfect combination of absolutely natural supplement, without the risk of side effects on your health.

Q: What is the time interval until the supplement starts to work?

R: This is an extremely fast supplement. The first action and alert starts about 15 minutes after receiving the supplement.

The next action is to suppress your appetite. This may make you feel something like a shock, especially if you are the person who is constantly hungry. You will find that even with many activities you are not hungry.

This is because this particular supplement, through the ingredients it contains, informs your brain that you are full.

This prevents easy food consumption, and the result of weight loss comes as a result of this process.

If you really want to lose weight, you should follow the recommended dosage for successful results.

Q: What are the ingredients of Phen375?

R: All the ingredients of the supplement were reported in detail above and are also fully stated on the label of the bottle containing the pills.

There is nothing hidden and everything is crystal clear regarding the ingredients of the supplement

Q: Is it suitable for men and women?

R: Yes. Its ingredients are effective for both men and women.

Q: How long should I use the Phen375?

R: The time for which you will receive the supplement clearly depends upon you. It is entirely your own decision.

Being a 100% natural product ensures no risk for any period of time a use is made and you can continue to use it even after achieving any goal set to help you maintain your weight and make sure you do not get back to the old situation.

Q: How long each bottle lasts?

R: Each bottle contains 30 capsules. As mentioned above, the recommended dose is 2 tablets a day. So every bottle can serve the use of 15 days.

In another paragraph below you will see offers for purchases of more than one bottle and you can decide which will be the most appropriate order for your needs.

Q: Is there a risk of other medicines interacting with the supplement?

R: To date, there is no evidence of interaction of this supplement with all known medicines. But it would be wise if you are following a medication and you have doubts about its use, to consult your GP first, before you start using it.

Q: Is there a problem if Phen375 is used with oral contraceptive pills?

R: No. There is no danger of interaction of the supplement with oral contraceptives, because Phen375 is a purely natural product.

Q: Where can I buy Phen375?

R: With today’s information, Phen375 is available only from its official website (

Q: Can it also be used by vegetarians?

R: As a natural product it can be used by vegetarians as well as by people who exclude all vegans.

Q: Is there a category of people who should not use the Phen375?

R: Yes. Pregnant or breast-feeding women should avoid its use, as well as people under the 18 years of age. For any other category, or a person with a special problem, please contact your personal physician.

Q: How many kilos can I lose with Phen375?

R: Kilos lost by any person is exclusively a fact depending on many factors.

Some people lost up to 21 kilos in about 3 months. This gives an average of about 7 kilos per month.

However, it should be understood that the weight lost by each user is heavily dependent on the diet followed and the exercise program performed during this effort.

Q: Are there any destinations excluded from delivery of the product?

R: All parts of the planet are covered for shipping and delivery.

Information about the Manufacturing Company

The Phen375 supplement is manufactured by RDK Global Pharmaceuticals.


It is a company known in the field, mainly due to:

  • The Company uses only materials approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • The company’s preparations are backed up by serious and extensive research, guaranteeing a successful weight loss.
  • The customer service offered is excellent, ensuring that any problem solved is presented to both customers and tomorrow’s potential users of the supplement.

Real reasons for using the Phen375


  • It is proved and universally accepted that weight loss is a boring, tedious and time-consuming process. The usual image of people involved in the procedure is that they are trying to reduce body weight for a long time.
  • The most common method used to reduce weight is the physical exercise, through regular training programs, but it is definitely slow, producing however some results.
  • The characteristic of slow visible body change and body weight in general, forces people to turn to alleged magic pills or other weight loss supplements to have visible results quickly without any guarantee of their duration.
  • It is also a fact that the supplements available in the market are countless and with different recipes each. Phen375 introduced a new form in this market.
  • The excellent combination offered by Phen375 burning fat quickly while maintaining the body in a healthy state, is a first among supplements.

Purchase of Phen375

As mentioned earlier, the Phen375 is only available from the official product page (

Buying one (1) bottle costs $65.95 (from the original of $89.99). A saving of $24.04




The purchase of two (2) bottles gives you ONE FREE bottle at a price of $131.90 from the original price of $269.97 (Saving of $138.07).




The most amazing offer comes with the purchase of four (4) bottles where there is an offer of one (1) bottle FREE at the price of $187.96, from the original of $449.95 (Saving of $261.99)phen375-4bottles-1free-freeguides-ph375usa

There are two IMPORTANT OFFERS of the company regarding the order and purchase of the supplement.


If you buy the product and you are not happy for a variety of reasons you can return your order and you will be refunded your money directly.





The company, in an effort to give you all the necessary information for weight loss, the attitude you need to adopt, the way you will deal with the difficulties, as well as the relevant nutrition and exercise programs, offers you completely FREE as a GIFT a guide covering the whole range of weight loss facts.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the content of the guide:

  • A complete guide to the new situation created by weight loss, the various techniques you can follow and the determination of goals so you can expect success in this painful effort.
  • Nutrition  : It is always known and repeatedly mentioned that the success of using any supplement depends upon the quality and type of diet followed. This Guide can also be used as a reference for nutrition.

This guide tells you nothing more than to give you a guidance how you will live this new life and lifestyle that you have to follow to avoid problems and avoid adventures with the old bad habits that created the whole problem of weight and fat.

A totally courteous offer by the manufacturer in its effort to give you the total assistance needed for a sure success, beginning with the use of the supplement, combined with diet and exercise and information you have to know about how you will stay in your new situation safely.