Pimples on your back? Get rid of them!

//Pimples on your back? Get rid of them!

Pimples on your back? Get rid of them!

Annoying acne…even on your ass!

You feel really tired of trying to camouflage the pimples on your face, your back, now they made their appearance on your ass! Apart of being anti-aesthetic, they really shake your self confidence as a woman! Your charm and sex appeal are really damaged!

But what is the reason for the pimples in the buttocks area?

Is it acne, or something else?

Can I deal with them…. and if yes how?

Most of the people with this experience they never refer on this, due to a feeling of shame, though this does not mean that the problem does not really exist! In fact this phenomenon is quite common for both men and women and it can be dealt with in full!


The acne in the buttocks area is an absolutely natural phenomenon and there is no reason for panic and worries. It is something that is caused by our clothes!

Since this specific point of the body is continuously covered by clothes (a fact absolutely normal), the peeling of the area is not conducted properly. So the dead cells are not removed and as a result these are not renewed by healthy ones. Finally they block the skin pores and the acne makes its appearance!

ATTENTION: The phenomenon of acne in the buttocks deteriorates in the case of synthetic clothes, which prevent the breathing of the area and provoke the intense sweating. The combination of sweat and synthetic cloth is the No.1 reason for the acne development in the buttocks area and not only!

Eliminate the pimples!!!


These pimples apart of being ant-aesthetic, it is also very difficult to cover them and they are very painful (especially on the ass).

How someone could eliminate them?

Is there any way to prevent their development?

A number of small daily tips could help you to prevent their development and to deal with the problem (wherever this is present).

No.1 tip: Regular exfoliation


The regular skin peeling (in the buttocks area and in general) may help to the right removal of dead cells leading to the development of the acne problem. This peeling can be performed either using special products (scrub), or by special sponges. About 1 to 2 times every week is enough to remove the dead skin cells and let it breathe free!

No.2 tip: Foam bath with the right products

Try to give emphasis on the use of the right products for you! The foam baths containing salicylic acid are suitable for fighting the acne! So leave your favourite foam bath aside for the time being and look for the right foam bath that will help you to eliminate the annoying acne!

No.3 tip: Styptic lotion on a clean skin


After you have completed your bath using the proper foam bath, apply a suitable anti-styptic lotion which will eliminate all bacteria and will prevent the acne development.

No.4 tip: Cotton underwear and clothes


Always prefer the cotton underwear and clothes and try to avoid the synthetic which prevent the area ventilation and promote the sweating and bacteria development!

No.5 tip: Hydration in the right way

You might think that to prevent the acne the hydration products are not allowed (as body creams, hydration oils or body emulsions) – you are not totally wrong – but in reality you do not need to lose your shiny and full of aroma skin. Simply invest on a hydration lotion with galactic acid, which ALSO helps on the removal of dead cells AND offers hydration on the skin after peeling!

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