Do not give soft drinks to children !

//Do not give soft drinks to children !

Do not give soft drinks to children !

Children and nutrition

All of us we do know how important is the part of nutrition for each child, since this helps to the body and brain development. All children need a right and balanced nutrition programme on a daily basis, covering all the precious elements and nutritional ingredients, vitamins and the necessary tracing elements, so a healthy and strong organism is possible to be built.

NOTE: It is scientifically proved, that the nutrition quality, during both the childhood and the adolescence may influence the course of the life of a person and its health at a later stage!

Persons with no right nutrition while they are children, or teenagers later, tend to present more possibilities as adults to suffer of serious diseases. Every person has different nutritional needs at each stage of its life! Especially during its childhood and the adolescence, where the organism is being built, the nutrition quality is really very important, in order to be capable of protecting its organism of diseases and risks.

Why a child should not drink soft drinks?

ATTENTION: According to scientific studies, the soft drinks consumption by very young children has disastrous results on their behaviour!

More specifically, specialists have observed a regular consumption of soft drinks (that is, more than 1 per day), by children of ages 2 to 11 years (a percentage higher than 40%).

ATTENTION: Following studies, it was found that children consuming soft drinks regularly, demonstrated an unjustified aggressive behaviour!


Are the soft drinks dangerous for the health?

The overconsumption of soft drinks is harmful for children only, or for adults as well?

How soft drinks influence an adult’s health?

Most of the people consider the soft drinks as “harmful for our health”, just due to the calories contained by them. WRONG! The excessive consumption of soft drinks is equally dangerous for both small kids and adults.

ATTENTION: Relevant scientific studies have reached the conclusion that, the excessive consumption of soft drinks by an adult, may be directly related to:

  • depression

  • tendency for committing suicide

  • aggressive behaviour

  • non social behaviour

  • unjustified nervous condition


Could that fact be so random? … And if we assume that a soft drink is so bad for an adult, how much damage could cause to a fragile child organism?

According to researchers, children consuming large quantities of soft drinks regularly (if not on a daily basis), demonstrated a behaviour of a dependent person, an intense weakness on concentration and extremely aggressive behaviour.

Even just 1 soft drink per day, made the children nervous and aggressive (compared to children not consuming soft drinks at all)! In fact it was established that the degree of aggression for each child was dependent upon the number of soft drinks consumed!


TIP: In the daily life of a child there are already many factors creating stress, sadness or nervousness! The consumption of similar soft drinks may seriously affect their mental and body health and could influence in a catalytic way the later course of their lives!

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