“What’s wrong with my hair?”

//“What’s wrong with my hair?”

“What’s wrong with my hair?”

How many times have you asked yourself what you are not doing right and your hair are shown so:

  • lifeless
  • not taken care of
  • sick
  • dull
  • damaged
  • weak

It’s really a drama by looking at all these women in magazines with shiny and beautiful hair, full of health and life and then by looking at yours you are really disappointed. Your hair look damaged and dull, they are not getting any longer and they break all the time.

But why your hair looks so tired?

What’s wrong and they lost their freshness?

Is there any way to rejuvenate them and to give them back their lost shining?

Let me tell you that your hair is a live organism, requiring regular care (not any time you remember of it), especially due to adverse effects on a daily basis. The fog, the extreme weather conditions (cold, hot, sun, wind, dust), the hair dying and the styling make the hair suffer, so it is “calling” for help, strengthening and care!

A characteristic that something is wrong with your hair is the fact that they do not get any longer. So to strengthen your hair try to protect them and to take care of them at any instance! Never forget that your hair is really you! The more beautiful and healthy hair you have, the more pretty you look!



No.1: I do not use the comb with nerves, because this will cause the breaking and it will create split ends. The more calm I have when I comb them, the least harm I might cause to them.

No.2: I protect my hair of adverse weather conditions (cold or hot) by using a headscarf, a hat or a hood.

No.3: I protect them of the sun radiation (especially during the summer months).

No.4: I take care of their right hydration (both internally by drinking plenty of water and externally by using the proper moisturizing products)

No.5: I avoid the frequent use of hairdryer, scissors and other styling products which cause a fatigue on the hair and damage them.

No.6: I prefer natural products for their intensive care.

I want to have longer hair FAST!!!”


  • Have you tried a new style and it was as you expected it to be?
  • You feel disappointed and you wait to have your hair longer so you do not see this hairstyle?
  • You do not know what to do to have your hair long again faster?
  • You do not know how to take care of your hair after the endless styling?

Let me tell you that THERE IS SOLUTION! Your hair look tired and need an intensive care to become strong again and to regain their lost health (after all it is known that only healthy hair grow longer)

Make your hair grow longer than any other time before, using simple products, on your own at home!

To have your hair grow longer need a strong dose of care! A good massage with the right products, a right and balanced nutrition rich in vitamins and nutritional ingredients, along with the elimination of stress from your organism, are things can help your hair to show more beautiful and shiny, even in a week’s time!

What we suggest?

The use of plant oils, as the coconut oil, the argan oil, the oil jojoba, may be utilised for a good massage, creating hyperemia which will strengthen the hair follicles! It has been proved scientifically that this may lead to a faster growth of the hair!

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