Nutrition tips from Jessica Biel

//Nutrition tips from Jessica Biel

Nutrition tips from Jessica Biel

The pretty American actor Jessica Biel – apart from her talent – is well known for the image of her slim and well dressed body, her muscles and surely for her amazing buttocks! “A proper Diet & right and regular Exercise!”, says the beautiful actress and suggests different ways to have such a beautiful and well ripped body!

Maternity & Nutrition


Many women are always thinking (if not EVERY DAY) about starting a diet or a nutrition plan to reduce weight or even maintain it stable in desired levels. “Starting on Monday …” is the answer offered to ourselves to the prospect of a possible diet … especially when we have a various delicious dishes right in front of us!

“Starting on Monday” becomes “the other Monday” and then “the other Monday” and “the Monday ahead” and there is no end on it!

The American actor confessed that what really motivated to turn to a healthy diet was mainly her pregnancy and the later maternity … changing seriously her way of thinking and naturally establishing a different lifestyle and eating habits!

Diet is a “power” … but it is not enough for a slim and healthy body


Diet can be a key element for a healthy, alive, slim and strong body, but it is not enough to provide a well curved and ripped body, free of kilos and cellulite.

The answer is nothing else but TRAINING!

The actress with the beautiful face and the super-sexy body reveals her own daily exercise routine and confirms that training makes miracles!!!

According to the actor with one of the sexiest bodies in showbiz, her everyday life necessarily involves some form of exercise. Usually, the sexy actress combines both strength training exercises and yoga exercises!


The popular trainer Jason Walsh, responsible for her training, usually uses climbing simulation machines in his client trainings!

A mother advice … for all mothers!

Jessica Biel, during her pregnancy, and later maternity, moved to her own “ideal” lifestyle and healthy eating plan and gives a useful piece of advice to all mothers of the world …

The Number 1 choice in actor’s daily program is the fruits and vegetables (which are also the core of her diet). A similar approach is adopted for her child – where she had to invent various ways of serving them “hidden” in soups, purees, smoothies, cakes, cookies and generally in “delicacies”, a child can never resist and she can never imagine they are there!

TIP: It is extremely important for children to get acquainted with the tastes of all these healthy foods from an early age so they become familiar with, including them in their nutritional routine as something normal!

There are days of “joy”!!!


Yes!!! It is a reality …even the actor with this fantastic body is “cheating”! There are also days of “joy” in her program, days no eating rules apply, enjoying WHATEVER AND AT ANY QUANTITY she wants! During those days, she feels free – as she encourages other women – to enjoy all their favorite unhealthy foods (burger, pizza, donuts, etc.) in large portions and even … WITHOUT ANY GUILT!

TIP: No matter how strict is your diet or your eating plan, it is a sort of a rule that you include some days of “freedom” and “joy”, some days of “pleasure”, some days without any program applied!

Season foods!


The famous actress lives in a beautiful home with her husband Justin Timberlake and she is lucky to have a large garden so she can plant her own vegetables and always have them fresh on her and her family’s plate.

A tasty salad with fresh spinach, radishes, tomatoes, zucchini, carrots and many other delicious and very healthy vegetables are NEVER missing from their table, while as they say they are very lucky living in California and being capable of having fresh vegetables all through the year (with no harmful pesticides and other chemicals), to feed their child in the best and healthiest way!

Nutrition plan of Jessica Biel


A complete diet plan proposed by the actor is here to help other women – not only lose their unnecessary weight, but also – learn to eat properly and feed their families in the same way!

Finally it is true that women are the ones that (usually) determine the eating habits of a family! The housewife takes care of the dish to be served and of “educating” the other members of a family to a healthier lifestyle and diet!

The (promising) healthy plan followed by actress Jessica Biel for herself and her family is as follows:



Paleo pancakes with butter cashews or almond butter along with chicken sausage or sometimes with honey and walnuts are among her favorite choices. Breakfast is complemented by green tea or fresh season fruit juice.



As it is already mentioned, salads are always on their table. The actor’s favorite salad includes fresh green leafy vegetables and quinoa (quinoa) while she is enjoying juicy veggie burgers!



Pretzel (gluten-free) with almond cheese (without lactose), with an incredible creamy taste just like the real cheese!



An actor’s very favorite dinner (when her program allows her to be at home) includes salmon, rice and grilled vegetables. However, if she is out – for jobs or for fun – she will prefer chicken complemented by healthy foods (such as vegetables).

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