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Nearly everyone, during its lifetime, some for a limited period, others for longer, has tried to lose weight.

It is also very well remembered the condition and the feelings accompanying this process. Full of optimism at first, a little disappointed as time progresses and certainly a sort of depression as we do not see results even though we do everything right.




All along with these emotions, we often have indications of a health condition not so encouraging, our energy levels seem to be fall dramatically, and generally the image of the person involved does not seem to be going beyond the next day at the latest.

In this situation, the most likely outcome will be either the withdrawal from any goal identified at the beginning of the effort or a desperate move to rescue the whole effort, at any cost, as per example using some weight loss pills, the so called magic pills or something similar.

From this point another adventure seems to be emerging, that very often produces results not only impossible to be reversed but also causes an irreversible damage for sure.

Let’s just try to put everything in order …

Any human being showing many weaknesses in undertaking and promoting such an action, like the weight loss process, has the need of an “external” help as doctors call it.


Certainly this help, cannot produce any magic does, but it can provide the organism and our health in general the guarantees to help not only to continue the effort smoothly, but also to secure it so that we do not have any complicated surprises at a later stage.

These are called supplements. Here, another obstacle comes ahead. How we possibly choose the right one of all these that are available.

The only immediate solution is to carefully stay updated and compare the various supplements to what they claim to offer but also to their specific ingredients included.

Recently, the new Phen375 supplement was launched in this field of weight loss supplements.

But what happens with this supplement and it is considered by most experts (nutritionists and weight loss experts) as the top in the category of supplements for weight loss and fat burning.

Remember what we mentioned above about the time delay caused by non-existence of results and jointly the health, the moral and mood parameters, so that the person is able to continue the effort until the final goal is achieved.

Weight loss or fat burning supplements containing 1-2 ingredients have failed completely in recent years. Simply, they are not capable of delivering accurate results.


And why this happens? Just because the one we are going to talk about, contains eight ingredients?

Definitely not. It has been widely demonstrated that supplements with more than one or two other ingredients can produce results, because a combination of strong ingredients is achieved, so producing results in a short period of time.

In this review we refer specifically to Phen375 and how this supplement works, so not only helps the body with immediate visible results but also protects the organism and our health and keeps us strong and in good mood and morale, considered as the necessary weapons during this difficult effort.

Before we begin explaining the Phen375 mechanism, let us remember the ingredients included in this supplement

They are eight in number and are as follows:

1. Calcium Carbonate

2. Picolinic chromium

3. Citrus Aurantium (Sour Orange) Extract

4. Forskolin

5. Caffeine

6. Dendrobium Nobile Extract (from orchids)

7. Lamda Carnitine

8. Cayenne Pepper

Any potential user has the right but also the obligation to know the components of the supplement while should be aware of the action produced by each one and also of how the supplement’s mechanism works to help the user to achieve results.

Phen375 – How it works

A. How each ingredient contributes

1. Calcium Carbonate


It takes care of bone health and communicates with cells to avoid further fat storage

2. Picolinic chromium


Helps to avoid sugar intake and cravings, while it is controlling the appetite levels. This maximizes sugar intake so that you feel less desire for food intake.

3. Citrus Aurantium (Sour Orange) Extract


Increases the metabolism of the body and the mobilization of fat

4. Forskolin


It activates the adenylyl cyclase and increases circular adenosine monophosphate over a wide range of different types of cells

5. Caffeine


It reduces the sense of hunger, preventing the user from eating.

6. Dendrobium Nobile Extract (from orchids)


Improves digestion and increases the feeling of fullness, providing control of appetite for the user.

7. Lamda Carnitine


Provides energy to your body and promotes body fat in the bloodstream.

8. Cayenne Pepper


Increases the body’s internal temperature and so helps to increase the calories burning

B. How the functioning mechanism of Phen375 is developed

Phen375 works along three basic principles of weight loss, which are:

1. Thermogenic effects

2. Suppress appetite

3. Promoting energy levels

Studies up to date show that this supplement works by using various mechanisms to show results in the user’s body.

– Initially promotes metabolism and increases the energy level.

The Extract of Citrus Aurantium is responsible for promoting and increasing the metabolism in your body.

– Helps reduce calories from your body

Capsaicin contained in Pepper Cayenne increases the burning of calories in your body.

– Prevents further fat production. When your body no longer produces extra fat, it is not possible to have your weight increased.

The Citrus Aurantium and Calcium Carbonate are involved in the suspension of fat production.

– It suppresses the appetite which means a reduced hunger feeling. It goes without saying that at this point it must be stressed that only by applying a proper and healthy diet will you not feel weak and exhausted.

Picolinic Chromium and Artichoke Extract reduce the desire to consume food and give you the ability to feel full for longer periods

– Increases energy due to the ingredients contained. This energy boost keeps you active throughout the day, making you able to cope with the needs of your work and exercise.

Lamda Carnitine with forced burning of fat creates higher levels of energy in your body

– Promotes your concentration and so you have a good mood throughout the day, which is usually low due to the lack of nutrients intake.

Phen375 has the ability to overcome the lack of nutrients.

– Helps the state of your memory, and alertness of both your body and spiritual level

Caffeine helps in concentration and alertness, important parameters to control your effort.

C. Functional Analysis – Sequence of supplement actions

1. Increasing metabolism for better fat burning is the most effective way of losing weight.


Once you have succeeded in increasing your metabolism, weight loss comes as a natural consequence and with much greater comfort.

In this way you burn a larger number of calories and an increased amount of fat

The truth is that with the use of Phen375 you definitely avoid the drop of your metabolism occurring in low calorie diets.

This makes easier to avoid adding weight.

The Citrus Aurantium Extract acts in this direction

2. The next significant move of the mechanism is to prevent the addition of fat to your body.


The accumulated fat is deposited on the buttocks, hips and thighs and as we all know is the result of the conversion of the hydrocarbons to fat stored in the specific points mentioned.

Ingredients such as Forskolin and Lamda Carnitine will optimize the process of burning within the body cells.

 This means that you are able to immediately stop the accumulation of fat.

3. High levels of energy can do wonders when you’re on a diet.


Not only you have more strength to do what is necessary during the day, but you can burn more calories because of the increased energy and thus you normally promote the weight loss.

4. The case of a constant hunger feeling and the problem of the portions consumes are the important, perhaps the most important, problems in weight loss.


Suppressing appetite will give you control over intake and consumption of food.

In this way the intake calories are greatly reduced by helping at the final result.

5. As mentioned at the beginning of this review, bad mood and yet a condition of depression is what makes people involved in the weight loss process to suffer a lot.


Changing your lifestyle and diet from one moment to another is natural to cause confusion in your mood, with all the natural consequences.

However, the process of losing weight and conquering a body you dream of should be one of the happiest moments of your life.

To enjoy every moment of this difficult process will enable you to rejoice and feel proud of all the little victories you make through these steps.

The Phen375 is the only supplement that takes your mood into consideration and gives you the solution for you to continue seamlessly.

So, Phen375 is the most complete supplement, and this is demonstrated by the above analysis.

The components together or individually act towards a goal.


This is achieved by carefully selecting the components that can act to achieve the goal individually but also together with one or more of the other ingredients to maximize through the different actions the results we want and seek.


The supplement works by releasing assisted by the supplement the stored fat, as we really want.

Then we have the action of the Citrus Aurantium Extract stimulating the mobilization of fat, converting it into energy.

The metabolism is further promoted, thus achieving an increased fat burning.

The Pepper Cayenne by increasing the internal temperature gives you the ability to burn more calories.

Improved digestion also helps the whole process.

Lambda Carnitine sends energy to your body, enabling you to continue your activities.

In turn, caffeine restricts your appetite and reduces calorie intake through food.

And of course, as a conclusion to the analysis and summary of the complement function, we should mention its safe operation, proven for both men and women.



We conclude this review by giving an overview of Phen375’s operating mechanism.

The process of thermogenesis involves a sharp increase in internal temperature, which in turn leads to an expense, as we would call calories.

When your body’s body temperature increases your body will have to work really hard both to lower its temperature and to correct the temperature.

This cooling process, as we would call it, consumes a large number of calories, which means that stimulating the thermogenesis phenomenon by using the Phen375 supplement will give the benefit to people who are interested in losing some pounds to do it relatively easily and painlessly.

In addition to this thermogenesis, another fact, that of fat travel, always with the use of Phen375 can be achieved by the involvement of Lambda Carnitine in the composition of this particular supplement.

This ingredient serves as a means of transporting unnecessary fat.

Lambda Carnitine carries the stored fat so the body begins to lose weight while the other ingredients help to prevent further fat deposition in our body.

Fat is then deposited at a point or points where it can be burned and give the same energy to our body.

The other ingredients of suppressing appetite and preventing continued appetite for food intake come as a companion to this process.

Finally, improved mood combined with increased concentration and increased energy keep the individual in a state of extreme alertness and capable of responding to any difficulty of the effort.

The health protection, such as that provided with calcium carbonate in bone health, creates an ideal condition, making the weight loss a safe and complete process.