And yet, pizza helps … on slimming !!!

//And yet, pizza helps … on slimming !!!

And yet, pizza helps … on slimming !!!

A favourite food … do I have to forget it?

The fact is that, everybody who decides to start a process of weight loss, no matter if the kilos to be lost are 2 or 3 or more, knows that should forget all its favourite foods and to limit itself to boiled vegetables, salads and foods of no taste … which never attract our appetite and never give us courage to seat on the table and eat them !

Considering my personal experience, I can guarantee that the system “I give up everything to lose kilos”, never worked on me!

After one week of different limitations I was sick and tired and finally I was quitting every effort, starting some nutritional abuses all over again!

Exhaustive diets : Why they never function ?


According to scientific studies, persons following strict diets were presenting a lower efficiency in the long term on the weight loss, unlike persons who dedicated one day of the week to eat their favourite food!

It is not a coincidence that most of the nutritional plans maintain Sunday as a free day (without any specific menu)! The person can eat its favourite food, the snack it missed…or even the sweet that was stuck in its mind.

The research shows that persons allowing themselves a day of nutritional freedom were more happy, more calm and more content, while at the same time they were following with higher loyalty their nutritional programme during the week !

NOTE: A sort of flexibility makes the diet programme more feasible! It uplifts the person’s moral and gives a lot of courage to continue the difficult effort! So, it is very important, no matter which is our goal, to dedicate just one day to our “personal desires”!

Just two pieces of pizza in the evening of Saturday, may make us feel a lot more rejuvenated and to achieve our goal with new power and a stable will!

NOTE: It is obvious that any abuses should be made with moderation and not without any justification. We set one day of the week that our we leave our menu free and predetermine which abuse will be allowed (it is natural that we could allow everything to happen at once)


With this method, we can one day of one week we can enjoy the pizza we re dreaming, next week the sweet that remained in our mind for days and so on. This is the way to have goals and motivation, so the diet is becoming a game of more importance!

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