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Privacy policy refers to the way personal data of a used is collected and how it is used, either maintaining it or making use of it somewhere else.

WARNING: It is extremely important that a person could ensure the protection of his / her personality as well as the correct use of his / her personal data and information by any organization or company!

The Privacy Policy only refers to information about the individual / user collected through the Internet and web pages via the link of this website and in no way ensures and does not guarantee the use of its data by other sources.

By using this site you consent to the collection, preservation and use of your personal information as specified and referred to in the privacy policy listed here!

If a visitor of the site / user / client does not agree and does not consent to these terms as described in our privacy policy, then he / she has the right to refuse any use of his or her personal information and data as provided by this website.

The person is required to complete a registration form with his / her personal information (necessary to conduct the purchase of the Phen375 product). The basics requested are:

  • full name (nickname is also allowed)
  • the exact shipping address for the successful transaction (street, number, country and postal code)
  • the e-mail address
  • and a phone number (landline or mobile)

The visitor of this web site {} is required to give written consent to the use of its details prior to any transaction and has the right to deny the transaction.

It is forbidden to use the personal data of any user of this website without his written consent being made after extensive information about the use of his / her data, following the collection and registration by our company.

The user is not entitled to require or to indicate any use of his / her personal data and information by third parties. The data are collected solely for the purpose of conducting its transaction and its better and faster service and in no case there is any other use of the user’s sensitive personal data – for this reason the user is asked to record only the necessary data for a secure transaction and no further personal information.

Personal data collected are used to identify users’ electronic identities and inform them about interesting information on company’s products (such as offers, products, and updates).

The administration of the website {} is entitled (following user’s written consent) to use the data for conducting statistical or other marketing research.

Besides, the management of the website {} has the obligation and responsibility for the non-transfer and use of user’s personal data by third parties, except in relation to transfer and delivery of the order!

The privacy policy may be changed at any time by the administration of this site, without being required to personal notification / information of users!

It is therefore advisable to regularly inform visitors of the site on changes made, in the informative paragraph / article on the privacy policy of users!