Vitamin Β12: What happens to organism when it is missing?

//Vitamin Β12: What happens to organism when it is missing?

Vitamin Β12: What happens to organism when it is missing?

The vitamin … of the meat!

Vitamin Β12 is a vitamin found in foods as:

  • The red meat

  • The chicken

  • The turkey

  • The eggs

  • The fish

  • The shellfish

  • and the dairy products

Belongs to the broader complex of vitamins B and it has a significant role on the metabolism of proteins by the organism!

ATTENTION: Vitamin B12, due to its participation on protein metabolism, often contributes actively on the creation of red blood cells by the organism, as well as to a better functioning of the Central Nervous System (CNS)!

Vitamin B12, known as the “vitamin giving energy” as well, helps on the DNA synthesis … while without it, our organism cannot function properly!


As it is already found the vitamin B12 is received through animal products mainly, or by its derivatives, resulting to the fact that a large majority of people (basically vegetarians and vegans) not to receive it in a sufficient quantity!

How can I realize that I am missing vitamin B12?

Νο.1: Fatigue & lack of power


Persons with a lack of vitamin B12 tend to show an unjustified fatigue (in fact after the midday), even if they sleep the right amount of hours….that is, 8 hours of sleep! This inexplicable feeling of fatigue is due to the fact that due to lack of this vitamin, the organism cannot produce red blood cells, resulting to a poor oxygenation of the various body organs.

Νο.2: Muscle weakness


Muscle weakness is also another symptom of the vitamin B12 lack. The body presents a difficulty to cope with heavier work (as per example carrying the shopping of the supermarket), a fact which is also justified by the poor oxygenation of the body cells.

Νο.3: Weak memory


A person receiving a poor amount of vitamin B12, usually demonstrates memory problems, a difficulty to concentrate or even memory voids in regular period of time as well.

Νο.4: Cramps in the body


Due to the reduced cell oxygenation, the body frequently tends to suffer of cramps, or numbness, a result of the bad functioning of the Central Nervous System (CNS)

Νο.5: Bad mood, melancholy & unjustified sadness


The lack of vitamin B12 may influence apart of the body, the psychology and the mood of a person as well. The person with the poor quantity of this vitamin may demonstrate an unjustified bad psychology, accompanied by melancholy and a tendency for crying. This bad state of mood is due to the insufficient production of the “joy hormones” by the organism (that is, the hormones serotonin and dopamine), directly related to vitamin B12!

Νο.6: Pale skin


Perhaps a pale skin colour is considered as aristocratic, but in many cases hides a lack of this important vitamin. The number of the red blood cells is smaller so the liberation to the skin of a dying substance is caused, called bilirubin, which decolours the skin, making it more white and pale.

Νο.7: Vision problems


Finally, the lack of the vitamin B12 may cause even harm on the optical nerve or even to the eye’s blood vessels found in the retina.

Vision problems (as blurred vision, double vision or difficulty on the vision) may be due to the lack of vitamin B12…and sometimes this lack may lead even to blindness

Why persons drinking a lot of alcohol … should be more careful?


A greater possibility to demonstrate the lack of this important vitamin is observed to the persons drinking large quantities of alcohol regularly.

ATTENTION: The excessive consumption of alcohol may create a significant problem, since reduces the absorption of the vitamin B12 by the organism to a great extent and so leads to many of the mentioned above serious health problems!

How could I fix to receive the right quantity of the vitamin B12 for my organism?


Surely the right nutrition including all the above products rich in this vitamin is something needed initially. In cases where this is not enough (something found through medical examinations), there are proper nutritional supplements (in form of pills, injections, or even skin patches).

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